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All prices are subject to change without prior notice. Please call for current prices and availability of products. We reserve the right to discontinue products as necessary because of quality, availability, price or other reasons. All pricing is in USD for the USA market only.


All merchandise is in good condition when it leaves our shipping department. If a part is lost (box was broken open) or damaged via transit, you should immediately notify Car Tuner Pro. and the carrier (UPS, FedEx, etc…). ALL shipped merchandise is insured for full value and the carrier is responsible for proper delivery. DO NOT return the damaged part(s) to Car Tuner Pro. without prior notification.


We make no claims as to emission performance for street or highway use. Some equipment is not sold for street use in any state or country where state or federal regulations prohibit its use. Some items listed in the online catalog are intended for off-road use only. Car Tuner Pro does not make any claims of street-legal use of products that are not intended for use on public roads. We are not affiliated with Volkswagen Audi Group, Porsche AG, or any of their subsidiaries. All original artwork is the sole property of Car Tuner Pro’s webmaster. Car Tuner Pro is not responsible for errors on our website. Unauthorized duplication or transmission, electronic or otherwise, is strictly prohibited. Car Tuner Pro does not encourage street racing and/or illegal racing on public roads. We encourage you to take lessons from your local racing schools and/or performance driving schools to better your knowledge of the use of your automobile and it’s handling capabilities if you do decide to race. Always remember to be careful while on the road and be courteous to other drivers. Last but not least…ALWAYS WEAR YOUR SAFETY BELT!


All items on this site ( are warranted to be free from defects in the materials and workmanship prior to installation. Warranty is only applicable to the original owner. This warranty does not cover labor, misuse, and faulty installation, failure of related parts or parts purchased from parties other than Car Tuner Pro. Please call for specific warranty information on each product. Each manufacturer may supply different timeframes for their products. Car Tuner Pro does not support warranty claims on gray market sales.


We try to keep backorders to a minimum. If this is a time-sensitive purchase, please call us for approximate shipping dates. Some items may be drop-shipped from the manufacturer.


Car Tuner Pro does not sell, rent, trade, or loan our customer’s names, VIN numbers, email addresses, or any type of personal information we collect. You may receive information from us that details new products, tracking numbers for shipping, or new features on our websites.

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